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This is the SliTaz GNU/Linux main mirror. The server runs naturally SliTaz (stable) in an lguest virtual machine provided by ADS and is located in France. Mirror info...

Path: /iso/stable/
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Parent Directory/ -  Directory
flavors/2012-Apr-15 01:04:57-  Directory
packages-4.0.iso2014-Sep-20 03:09:31 @3.0Gapplication/octet-stream
packages-4.0.md52014-Sep-20 03:09:54 @0.0Ktext/plain
slitaz-4.0-base.iso2014-Apr-06 14:35:06 @8.1Mapplication/octet-stream
slitaz-4.0-base.log2014-Apr-06 14:35:07 @3.3Ktext/plain
slitaz-4.0-base.md52014-Apr-06 14:35:07 @0.1Ktext/plain
slitaz-4.0.iso2012-Apr-10 22:49:44 @34.7Mapplication/octet-stream
slitaz-4.0.md52012-Apr-10 22:49:45 @0.0Ktext/plain
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